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Imagine you are in a medical crisis and have to decide between paying for your treatment or paying your every day bills. Sadly, this is a choice that millions of American’s face every day, a very real dilemma we faced ourselves in 2010. No one should have to face that choice alone and that is why we established our 501c3 non-profit, Team Felber.

Team Felber’s mission is to help families and individuals who are in a medical crisis with financial assistance and wellness education and resources to help them on their journey.

Team Felber began their mission in 2010 when Wayne Felber was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. Many friends, family and even strangers helped them financially and emotionally while Wayne was going through chemotherapy. His wife and teammate, Sharon, fought hard to help him beat the cancer. People nicknamed them Team Felber and their mantra was “Beating Cancer One Laugh at a Time” since Wayne was a standup comedian. (After all, laughter is the best medicine!)



Wayne beat the cancer and Team Felber continues to help others facing hardship during their own medical crises.


In addition to beating cancer in 2010, Wayne survived cancer again in 2013, survived a heart attack, improved his type 2 diabetes, survived sepsis, and a few other near death experiences. Even with all those medical hurdles he and Sharon knew it was their mission in life to continue to honor all of those who helped us on the journey and pay it forward.

Our new mantra became "Changing Lives One Laugh at a Time” and we moved forward to help as many people as possible by forming this organization.

Although his earthly heart could not sustain the numerous health challenges he faced, his heart for service will live on as we continue his legacy through Team Felber.



Founders - Wayne & Sharon Felber

Cathy Felber - Board Member

Valerie Bromenschenkel - Board Member

Dan Banting - Board Member

Melissa Perzanowski - Board Member

Carol Klug - Board Member


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